Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Adoption Story

We started discussing it a long time ago. We weighed all the pros and cons. We talked it out with the kids, after all it would impact the entire family. 

We researched online. We spoke with people who have been through the process before. We readied ourselves to love this new family member. 

Then we went to the Burbank Animal Shelter. 

There were so many cute critters there who would love to have a home of their own. We walked past the pit bulls and chihuahuas (there are always pit bulls and chihuahuas at the shelter). We saw the bunnies and the turtles too. But, we were on a mission: Cat Room or bust. 

When we saw her, we knew she was the one. Our daughter's eyes lit up and her voice hit that high, excited pitch that only little girls are capable of. Our son tried to play it cool, but the look on his face betrayed him when he held her for the first time. 

We still had a big decision to make. We adored her instantly, but kitten adoption is a pretty big deal. Lots of new responsibilities for the kids (we all know who will really be cleaning the litter box). There were details to sort out (where will we put said litter box??). 

As we walked back through the shelter to towards the door, the decision made itself. We couldn't stand the thought of leaving her alone. And, how could you blame us. Who could walk away from this face?

We filled out the papers, paid the adoption fee, and signed on the line. She is ours. Welcome to the madhouse Princess Cuddlecakes. We love you. 

(Maybe I'm a cat person after all.)

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