Monday, June 3, 2013

The Ugly Truth

I have a parenting confession to make:  Sometimes I get annoyed. 

This might seem like an obvious statement, but when I talk to other parents, this topic isn't discussed. I mean, we all get annoyed when our kids write on the wall with a Sharpie, or attempt a DIY haircut. But, I'm talking about when you feel like you just cannot hear that Taylor Swift song or MineCraft story one more time. 

For example, when I laugh at something the kids do or say, they immediately think that means they should continue doing it...over and over again...for hours. The trouble is that on about the 5th time I have stopped thinking its funny. By the 10th time, I find it irritating. By the 15th, I want to run away and join the circus. 

I have been known, in those moments, to put myself in a time out. It happens at least twice a day. It works. I return to them a refreshed and happy version of myself. 

If I am the only one who feels like this,  I'm setting myself up for some serious judgment from other moms. So, just in case, I will say on the record I love my children. More than chocolate. More than coffee. More than oxygen (and I'm pretty attached to breathing). I really, REALLY freaking love those tiny humans. 

If I am not the only one to experience these sporadic fits of annoyance, I hope that my admission has helped other mothers struggling to grasp their last bit of sanity while their offspring tells them what happened on the Elmo's World DVD for the 32nd time in an hour. You are not alone, mommies. Stay strong. It's almost bedtime. 

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