Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Writer's Block. The Silent Killer.

For a person who always has something to say, I have come down with a ridiculous case of writer's block. It sucks. I am a blank slate. No ideas. None at all. My mind is blinking a giant, neon "VACANCY" sign. 

It's making me crazy. 

I've watched the news hoping to be inspired, but that was a terrible plan. The news is stupid depressing. Commentary on the Zimmerman trial doesn't make for light reading, I will absolutely not write about celebrities and the idiotic names they give their babies, and if I write about politics I figure about 50% of my readers will hate me no matter what I say. 

I've done my usual people watching while back home in Indiana, but other than to point out that people in the Midwest seem to smile more (Let's work on that CA. It bums me out.) there's not a whole lot there. 

My children, whose exploits are typically my favorite topics, have been fairly mellow. I appreciate the peace time, don't get me wrong. It's just not that interesting to write, or read about. "Dear Internet, my kids watched TV together for 30 minutes without screaming today..."  See??

I'm at a loss. But, at the same time, every day someone asks me what I'm working on. I'm very flattered by that. I love it. I'm amazed anyone reads this at all, let alone regularly. I'm also a little embarrassed by it. Because, when they ask, all I have to say is "Um...uh...well...nothing."

But, I'm working on it.  

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